Published by TransformAdmin on April 16, 2018

Stretch fabrics are deliciously adaptable to a plethora of environments and uses. We can make fantastically taut surfaces that soak up the light and create interesting geometric patterns that adds drama and purpose to a space.

Here we showcase some vastly different examples of the stretch fabrics in use.

Versatility & Visually Vibrant Designs!
These striking designs draw your eyes to the fabric, meaning we don’t need to use a great deal of equipment to create a strong impression. Stretch fabric is so versatile it can be used in an array of applications; for example we have used it to create large features and faux ceilings that conceal unsightly cables and construction components. We have transformed structural equipment like aluminium truss into something quite beautiful by wrapping it in the fabric and up lighting or in complete contrast we have used the fabric to deliver a pristine showroom finish like the car launch featured above.

This design uses a star cloth behind this 10m X 5m geometric stretch wall to create a contemporary twist to a Space theme. The beauty of this concept is
it’s adaptability, it can easily scale up or down to suit any stage or venue. Further drama can be added by lighting from above and below in different colours.

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