How To Choose Your Corporate Event Theme

Published by TransformAdmin on February 19, 2019

Choosing a corporate event theme might be way down the list of priorities when planning an event, but in fact it’s the smart way to bring focus and structure to a fundraiser or conference. However, like planning the event itself, choosing a theme can be no small task, so here are some event theming tips for an occasion that will be both inspiring and memorable.

Define Your Messaging

The first step in defining your theme is to define the goal of the event and the message you wish to send. Be clear on the kind of event you’re staging and the outcomes you hope to achieve and see what messages you can find. These should be integral to the theme you choose, so don’t adopt something generic and then hope to bolt your messages on to it.

Hashtag It

You don’t actually need to use a hashtag, but creating some kind of tagline that refines your key messages into one handy phrase is one of the most useful event theming tips. Keep your tagline front and centre throughout the planning process as a way to focus your decision-making.

What’s the Event?

It pays to bear in mind not only your goals and key messages but the type of event you’re organising. Choosing an event theme for a rewards event for high-performing employees will be very different to that appropriate for a corporate fundraiser. Likewise, your annual conference will require a very different theme to a new product launch.

Who Are the Audience?

Drawing up your list of attendees will also help to focus on an appropriate theme. For example, if the event is for employees and family, then corporate slogans will be off-target. You also need to consider the age and interests of your attendees. (have taken out a few words here) When you’re event theming for corporate events, it pays to look at similar events that have taken place in the past and learn lessons from positive and negative feedback.

Get Inspired

Research what other organisations in your sector are doing, and take a look at Instagram and Pinterest for visual inspiration. You’re looking for trending events and themes attendees have enjoyed and engaged with. Negative feedback is better yet, as it gives you the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Full Commitment

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you need to be ready to commit to it 100% in order for it to be successful. If you’ve followed these event theming tips, then you’ll find that your key messages and goals are woven seamlessly through your event, and everything from the dress code to the food will be consistent with your theme. Get it right and your guests will be talking about your event for years to come!

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