What do Corporate Event Planners Want From a Venue?

Published by TransformAdmin on March 27, 2019

Event planning is a big business, and it can be very profitable for event venues, restaurants and bars. After all, there are over one million business events held in the UK every year, and all of these events need food, drinks and a venue! If you own a venue, a restaurant or a bar, it is likely that you would like to earn some money from the event planning industry – so here is everything that corporate event planners want from an venue.

An Up-to-Date Website

If an event planner does a Google search and your website shows up, make sure that they are impressed by what they see. Include lots of information about the kind of food you serve or the kind of venue that you own so that they don’t have to ask. Be very clear about how many people you can serve, how much notice you need and how many rooms you have available. Make sure that you also include a few photos so that the event planner can really imagine your company working the event.

A Flexible Team

You should also put on your website that you have flexible staff that can accommodate a wide range of events, from black tie to children’s events.

A Hint at a Contract

It will make your company seem more professional if you include information on your website about a range of events package, but it can also be useful to hold off with prices until you actually speak to the event planner, as this means you can give a more accurate price.

Email Communication

Many event planners prefer email communication to using the phone, as it is more accessible – especially if they are trying to set up plans with 15 different companies in one day.

Making Sure That You Stand Out

Most of these points link to the same thing: ensuring that your business is discoverable to an event planner. There are corporate event planners in every city looking for hospitality companies that they can work with, but if your website isn’t coming up in their Google search, they will never know that you exist. For this reason, your main priority should be updating your website with the right information so that you have a stronger online presence.

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