Glastonbury – Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Published by TransformAdmin on June 12, 2020

We have worked at Glastonbury Festival for the past 19 years, and this year would have marked our 20th! Yes, 20 years! It is a shame that the festival has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic so, instead, we will mark the occasion by looking back at some of our previous work for EE at this iconic festival.


For the past 20 years we have designed the decor for the EE recharge tent, the EE shop and also the VIP hospitality area set in the garden of Steanbow Farm inside the Glastonbury site. 
Working across three different locations at Glastonbury, we’ve always wanted to bring the festival feel into each of these areas. We have themed the main ‘Recharge’ tent with giant arbour trees which spanned the entrances to entice visitors inside and also used our luscious foliage wall as a backdrop. 


The ‘Recharge’ tent also included a dedicated space for phone charging along with product cases which needed to showcase the latest additions to the EE lines of which we have been commissioned to design since 2014.
One brief was to design some product cases that were dramatic and interesting, but could also display the devices without the use of any clunky security fixtures. We drew inspiration from rope and string art and came up with the idea of hanging headphones, speakers and phones as if they were trapped in a spider’s web.

‘Power’ and ‘energy’ was the theme in 2017 so we wanted to design a product case that gave the illusion that EE’s power bars were powering the LED light inside. These bespoke acrylic boxes had words etched into each side of the acrylic and filled with LED. We placed a mirrored partition in the centre of the case to give more depth and interest, and the case was lined with an iridescent vinyl to bounce off light. The vinyl also has reflective properties and creates it’s own mirrored effect.


In 2019, we were commissioned to design, make and build a faux neon ‘Recharge’ sign, which looked very effective against our large foliage wall. Here you can see our fabulous team at work on the day!


We also style and dress the hospitality tent based in Steanbow Farm inside the Glastonbury site, which is a shelter away from the madness of the festival. Here we use EE’s brand colours, turquoise and yellow in decor pieces such as drapes, pole wraps, furniture and even bringing some yellow into our lovely swing chair and the bespoke ‘BAR’ sign we made for them last year. We also styled the tables with child-sized Hunter wellies which were inspired by EE’s festival app icon.

Many famous acts have played here for the VIP guests including the legendary, multiple-grammy winner Nile Rodgers.


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